About Us

My name is Anna Klecha and I have been a passionate, licensed massage therapist for 17 years. In a previous life, I worked in various customer service roles, culminating in a massage therapist position at high-end spas and sports and recreational facilities. During that time, I decided that one day I would open my own massage practice. 

As a mom of two beautiful, very active kids, I understand exactly how it feels to be constantly on the go, being on your feet for extended periods of time. I also know from past work experience the discomfort and pain felt after sitting at a desk for hours on end. And as an athlete who enjoys a variety of activities (lifting, running, biking, swimming, and hiking), I know what it feels like to be sore after a solid workout.  

As a business owner, athlete, and mom, I know first-hand the stress of trying to perform at your best, while juggling an endless stream of tasks and to-do lists.  I founded my massage practice to help others achieve balance and wellness in their professional and personal lives. After all, there is no substitute for health in this world. Through my massage therapy career, I have been blessed to meet amazing people and have been proud to help them along their individual journeys. 

I have clients young and old, and it is not uncommon for a 70-year-old receiving their first massage ever telling me they didn't know what they had been missing all these years! Today, more people than ever are realizing that a quality massage is not so much a luxury – it’s an investment in your personal health and well-being, helping you look and feel your best – at work, at home, and beyond. 

Because of my deep commitment to provide the highest quality of service to my clients, I hand-pick and personally train all the therapists and instructors who have joined the AK Finesse team. I’m proud of our work, and I look forward to serving you. Whether you’ve been receiving massages for decades, or are curious to try it out for the first time, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Wishing you health, joy, and balance! -Anna Klecha